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Direct Cremation 


Morris Bros will provide a direct cremation whilst retaining the essential personal and local support that a family needs at this time.

Your loved one will be cared for by us, in Tavistock, whilst the paperwork and cremation booking is completed.
You will be informed when the cremation is taking place, this is usually within ten days from the date that we receive your loved one into our care.

The cremation is carried out in either Plymouth or Bodmin with our caring staff team in attendance.  We collect the ashes from the crematorium shortly after for their secure return to you.

The current price is £1500.  We do not require a deposit; an invoice will follow shortly after the cremation is completed.


Direct Cremation £1500

An unattended cremation with no service.


  • Transfer into the care of Morris Bros
  • Provision of professional services, support & advice.
  • Arrangement of the cremation, administration & delivery of legal documentation.
  • Care & preparation of client until day of the funeral.
  • A simple wooden coffin
  • Payment of Disbursements on your behalf.
  • Provision of Hearsette & necessary staff at the Crematorium.
  • Collection & delivery of ashes in standard issue urn.
  • Cremation Fees.
  • Doctors Fees.


We will discuss with you that there are other options that can be considered before committing to a direct cremation.  It is important to consider the grieving process of family and friends that may benefit from attending the cremation, to pay their respects, gain acceptance of their loss and allow the grief process to progress.  These alternatives can be achieved in a variety of ways according to your needs, as a guide an attended cremation will range from £2300 to our £2995 The Simple Cremation.


Other options



Simple Cremation or Burial

Attended cremation

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The Morris Way

Tailored funeral to the individuals needs

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Morris Bros will provide their services free of charge for any child under the age of 18 years



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