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We recognise that no funeral service is rarely the same, it should be tailored to the individual needs and wishes of each family we serve to provide an exemplary service. We will therefore provide a bespoke Cremation or Burial Funeral in one or more locations and ensure that your exact wishes are met.



  • Provision of 24 hour professional services, commencing with the transfer of your loved one safely to our funeral home.

  • Continuation of support & advice with a home visit or appointment at our offices.
  • Arrangement of the Funeral Service, administration & delivery of legal documentation.

  • The appointment of, and subsequent liaison with the Clergy or Celebrant.

  • Care & preparation of the client until day of the funeral, here in our specialist facilities at the Foundry.

  • Administration of obituary notices and provision of an online donation page.

  • Administration of an Order of Service booklet & printing.

  • Facilitation of music & webcasting, where available.

  • Choice of a wide range of coffins.

  • Provision of our immaculate black Norwood Hearse, Funeral Director & necessary staff at the Funeral Service.

  • Administration of charitable donations and payment to recipient charities.

  • Collection & delivery of ashes where applicable.


Other options


Direct Cremation

Unattended cremation

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Simple Cremation or Simple Burial

Attended cremation or burial

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Morris Bros will provide their services free of charge for any child under the age of 18 years



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